A journey into Renaissance

A journey into Renaissance


The place where I stand is the ideal starting point for a journey into the Renaissance. The testimonies of this period are particularly numerous. We could start by talking about Enea Silvio Piccolomini, humanist, who became Pope with the name of Pius II, creator of the transformation of his Corsignano in Pienza (the city of Pio), giving birth to the ideal city of the Renaissance. It was an applied utopia in the urban and architectural field: a humanist dream that the Pope shared with a court of high prelates, men of culture and artists (“pieschi”).

Among the chosen of this narrow circle was Piero Della Francesca, so much so that Pius II commissioned him frescoes at the Apostolic Palace, now lost. But you can see his extraordinary works in Arezzo and San Sepolcro, easily reachable for a day trip. The Resurrection and Our Lady of Childbirth.

But you can also go to Sarteano, 10 minutes from here, where the nephew of Pius II, Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini, was born ,who also became pope, In addition, he built a library dedicated to his uncle inside the cathedral of the Assumption of Siena, with frescoes by Pinturicchio and a young Raffaello, the famous Piccolomini Library with its valuable cycle of frescoes. Operation replicated in another cathedral dedicated to the Assumption, in Orvieto, by the vicar of Pius III, Antonio Albèri.

And I’m halfway between these two beautiful cities. But here’s another reference: Montepulciano, which expressed the Poliziano and great characters. Here Antonio da Sangallo worked, here was born the powerful Cardinal Giovanni Ricci, today you can visit the extraordinary cellars of his palace. Another city that can be easily reached is Florence, the fundamental cradle of the Renaissance and home to great people of culture and art, just think of Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci. It will be a pleasure to find together ideas for your personalized excursions.

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